t: 00258 282 64016 (landline)
m: 00258 84 763 3076 (English)
m: 00258 82 480 5348 (Portuguese) 

Directions to Zona Braza

GPS Coordinates: 25° 0'43.67"S 34° 2'10.26"E

Chizavane (near Xai Xai)
Gaza, Mozambique

Vila No Mar is situated at Praia de Chizavane, Mozambique. The Villas are located 280km north of Maputo and 40km north of Xai Xai on the EN1, towards Inhambane. Vila No Mar is ± 800km from Pretoria/Johannesburg. Estimated travel time is between 10 – 12 hours, border and rest room stop included. The road is smooth, pothole-free and you can reach us with a normal car.

Directions from Komatiepoort (Lebombo)

Take the N4 towards Komatipoort (Witbank, Nelspruit, Malelane, Komatipoort) you will reach the Lebombo border going to Mozambique.

Follow the EN1 towards Maputo.

First Tollgate: Moamba Plaza – mts135.00. Do not take the "tag only" lanes at tollgates.

At the first traffic light on the dual carriageway towards Maputo, turn left. (On the left you will see a shopping centre with a SHOPRITE).

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From Kruger Park / Giriyondo Border Post

The Giriyondo border post is one of two gates that provide entrance to the eastern region of the northern area of the Kruger National Park and it is situated ±45 km northeast of Letaba camp.

This border post not only provides passage between South Africa and Mozambique, it also forms one of the major links for the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.

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From Lomahasha / Namaacha border post

The border post closest to Maputo between Swaziland and Mozambique is situated in the north-eastern corner of Swaziland. On the Swazi side it is known as Lomahasha and on the Mozambican side as Namaacha.

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